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Factions Build Rights
We have recently updated factions, and one chang is that the default rank when joining is "recruit". To allow players to build, an officer needs to use the command: /f promote <playername>
You may now rent shops/cells on the prison server!
VIP Custom Prefix Update!
As a donator, you can now use the command /prefix <CustomPrefix> to set your own prefixes! If you have the myth group, your prefix will automatically be set to gold. Prefixes of existing ranks are blocked. You may not pretend to be another rank with prefixes such as "MODD" or "ARCHIITECT". Have fun!
MCXyoHi guys.
eversince my uninstalling of my minecraft.
my temptations kept growing to download it
which ALMOST got out cause if i
download it again my mom will punish me hard
anyways while reading a book in a bookstore
i found a Class-A imitation of minecraft minifig sets lego
and now im trying to make a MCN logo with it prob is i have very few blocks XD
ill try my best to make one

Your friend

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Tomeh_   created a new thread Account transfer format. in the Account Status Transfers forum
Bond0087Congrats celeron for you're new Premium Account! <3
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XCeleronZERO   thanks <3
Hme_Is_New   Got one too and no one even cares
XCeleronZEROWow .. Just .. wow o.o
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Bond0087   Amazing song!
XCeleronZERO   Ikr !
Droops49_Finally melon is up :sick:
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danicraft203For people who player Mario Kart for DS, here is the Pipe Plaza! :sick: I hope u like it and if u want, gimme a diamond, download and suscribe! :sick:
Mario Kart DS - Pipe Plaza / Plaza Tuberías Minecraft Projec...
The Minecraft Mario Kart DS - Pipe Plaza / Plaza Tuberías Project was contributed by danicraft203. PIPE PLAZA - PLAZA
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danicraft203   Ik its just a poop dont say it xD
Bond0087   I think its good well done. :sick:
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