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Factions Build Rights
We have recently updated factions, and one chang is that the default rank when joining is "recruit". To allow players to build, an officer needs to use the command: /f promote <playername>
You may now rent shops/cells on the prison server!
VIP Custom Prefix Update!
As a donator, you can now use the command /prefix <CustomPrefix> to set your own prefixes! If you have the myth group, your prefix will automatically be set to gold. Prefixes of existing ranks are blocked. You may not pretend to be another rank with prefixes such as "MODD" or "ARCHIITECT". Have fun!
nghiaagent   created a new thread Hopper+Dropper glitch in the Bug Reports forum
ZhadowKraft_XXVI   created a new thread Archeoptry, The rebirth of AquaSkyMc in the Factions forum
PepticTube405why was i banned?
KernelPad   You'll never know unless you create an appeal on the forums.
calebe and locke registered to MelonCraft
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elramiro97   welcome :sick:
AirBorneI think Meloncraft's going through a bot attack guys stay calm hopefully with the help of BioSmasher and the admns they can bring the server back the error 90% of meloncraft players are suffering is "Could not connect to default or fallback server, please try again later:
Welcome | is the source for Java Technology Collaboration.
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danicraft203   Hummmm no, that's cuz the server is down
AirBorneBruno Me either
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Bruno_CraftingCan't connect to Meloncraft, i tried like for 4 hours.
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AirBorne   Same thing for me
xX_Kenah_Xx_IVI am stuck on 9 days in ontime and 16 days already happened :sick:
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