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Welcome to our latest member CookieGirl64 registered 3 hours ago
Chat [136]
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Sat at 1:54
nuro saying "I am staff: Show
Sat at 1:54
Nuro saying "I will ban you: Show
Sat at 1:56
More I will ban you and accusing me of calling someone a hacker: Show
Sat at 1:57
Now saying "You are calling someone a hacker!: Show
Sat at 1:57
Now telling me to look on the forums: Show
Sat at 1:58
Now me asked what kind of admin/mod and him replying: Show
Sat at 1:59
Then saying 'I will call BioSmasher and more "I will ban you: Show
Sat at 2:00
And then me telling the truth: Show
Sat at 2:02
Sat at 2:02
Sat at 2:02
Sat at 2:02
and he also said 'I took screenshots of chat'
Sat at 2:02
and I was like: Of be REKING you? xD
Sat at 2:02
Sat at 2:02
gtg cya
Sat at 5:35
Wow, such a total dumb-tard, Burkino
Sat at 6:56
Hey, :sick:
Sat at 10:34
Sat at 14:42
Sun at 1:35
Sun at 1:40
Sun at 1:40
There are bots :I(
23 hours ago
Hello Everyone :sick:
21 hours ago
21 hours ago
yet you didn't even replied my greeting earlier
19 hours ago
hey guys, i saw a hacker on a kitpvp his name was Ogunckb but i screenshot it
18 hours ago
18 hours ago
sürüm kaç olması lazımm
8 hours ago
Hey :sick:
2 hours ago
Ola k ace
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