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Tue at 20:11
Tue at 20:11
Tue at 20:12
i allready recorded
Tue at 20:12
and posted it on utube
Tue at 20:12
and reported
Tue at 20:12
Tue at 20:12
More proof never hurts...
Tue at 20:12
I did it already
Tue at 20:12
first one
Tue at 20:13
I got more proof with damage indicators...
Tue at 20:14
Okie dokie
Tue at 20:14
post it on the thread
Tue at 23:19
i think the server is suffering a bot attack
Wed at 0:09
Wed at 0:10
sorry for the spam x2
Wed at 0:10
Wed at 10:44
anyone on?
Wed at 10:46
Wed at 10:46
do you know why i was banned?
Wed at 10:46
Wed at 22:11
hohoho marry christmas :3
Wed at 22:14
Is the server down? Because i can not enter.
Thu at 1:48
Thu at 5:32
How do I reset a forgotten password?
Thu at 12:14
Thu at 12:14
guys help me
Thu at 19:21
Hi there can I get help please
Thu at 20:28
11 hours ago
11 hours ago
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