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Server down? Find out Why here!
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By Mr_Piffles_IV Jul 28, 14
Any bugs or glitches you have found? Report them here!
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By GodRavend Mon at 7:07
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Discussion about general topics. Don't know where something belongs? Can't go wrong here!
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By XCeleronZERO 44 mins ago
Share screenshots here! Post creative plot judging below!
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By ʇɐɯıɹɯıɹ Mon at 22:47
Need to be promoted on creative? Post some screen shots here!
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By GodRavend 2 hours ago
Post all faction related stuff here.
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By GodRavend 1 hour ago
Forum dedicated to zombies server mayhem!
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By buttpig Sun at 5:12
Teach a friend how to do something!
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By Xminer Jul 30, 14
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Question? Post here.
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By glenbo246 18 hours ago
Use this forum to transfer your current account status to a new account. You MUST own the account.
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By killax10 18 hours ago
Have a great idea to add to server? Post here!
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By IamWizard_1989 Sat at 13:39
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Forum for all things non-minecraft
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By XCeleronZERO 12 hours ago
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Welcome to our latest member usturaman registered 10 hours ago
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9 hours ago
my new account
9 hours ago
9 hours ago
ablah delete them?
9 hours ago
wow blah thats hard to live like that
9 hours ago
Awab, I will be on in a minute
9 hours ago
What, zigui?
9 hours ago
you know what you need to do ablah?
9 hours ago
9 hours ago
zigui, what are you talking about? O.o
9 hours ago
the mesage you wrote like 1 min ago?
9 hours ago
9 hours ago
9 hours ago
i know that some live like you but i never like to think about thati honestly thing that thats to much thing about just water and you should drink 1-2 l of water a day! also if you drink too much all that happens is that your pee as no color cus you didint need so much minerals xD
9 hours ago
if it is water it is ok but if it is soda etc i think that every1 should limit it :3
9 hours ago
wtf was that
9 hours ago
i gota leave now
9 hours ago
and for reals
9 hours ago
9 hours ago
g night guys
9 hours ago
see ya
9 hours ago
Will any mod see my post?I've been griefed!
8 hours ago
Either someone helps me,or I'm not going to this server ever again.
7 hours ago
7 hours ago
y need to gain money
7 hours ago
how gain money
7 hours ago
6 hours ago
holiwis ☺☺
6 hours ago
6 hours ago
6 hours ago
stupid phone 》•》
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