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Server down? Find out Why here!
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By Mr_Piffles_IV Jul 28, 14
Any bugs or glitches you have found? Report them here!
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By TheGamePlayerM 8 hours ago
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Discussion about general topics. Don't know where something belongs? Can't go wrong here!
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By LucazDaKing 8 hours ago
Share screenshots here! Post creative plot judging below!
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By danicraft203 Sun at 16:02
Need to be promoted on creative? Post some screen shots here!
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By XCeleronZERO Sat at 2:47
Post all faction related stuff here.
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By the_wise_goat 9 hours ago
Forum dedicated to zombies server mayhem!
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By XCeleronZERO 5 hours ago
Teach a friend how to do something!
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Question? Post here.
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Use this forum to transfer your current account status to a new account. You MUST own the account.
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By glenbo246 22 hours ago
Have a great idea to add to server? Post here!
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By killax10 Sun at 8:18
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Forum for all things non-minecraft
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By ACtennisAC 19 hours ago
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Welcome to our latest member The_Z_Gamer_ registered 8 hours ago
Chat [39]
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Sun at 13:22
how did u get so many?
Sun at 13:22
and Lucaz did game invite u yet?
Sun at 13:22
cuz i was banned 10 times
Sun at 13:22
but i can still join
Sun at 13:22
how can you still join if you've been banned 10 times :-:
Sun at 13:22
by adding 1 in each username
Sun at 13:23
:-: oh
Sun at 13:23
Sun at 13:23
idk if thats legal, anyways I g2g
Sun at 13:23
Sun at 13:23
if u need back in the faction on your new account I can invite u, just /mail me
Sun at 13:24
Sun at 15:49
AFatTick, you wanna comply?
Sun at 17:59
My hobbies include: Drawing, playing basketball, and playing Minecraft.
Sun at 19:13
Sun at 21:29
20 hours ago
jackie do u remember me
19 hours ago
What happenned!?
19 hours ago
Meloncraft crashed!
19 hours ago
Can't resolve hostname...
19 hours ago
19 hours ago
19 hours ago
unban me pls
19 hours ago
19 hours ago
Meloncraft doesn't works
15 hours ago
Tick says he's adding something new soon, It might be happening right now :-: (sense school starts tommorow for most of the people in his time zone)
15 hours ago
Wut I Miss :3
9 hours ago
Anyone on?
8 hours ago
4 hours ago
4 days and already sent me my new password, I will finally return to meloncraft
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