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Server down? Find out Why here!
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By LucasPinaXD Oct 12, 14
Any bugs or glitches you have found? Report them here!
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By killax10 14 hours ago
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Discussion about general topics. Don't know where something belongs? Can't go wrong here!
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Share screenshots here! Post creative plot judging below!
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Need to be promoted on creative? Post some screen shots here!
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Post all faction related stuff here.
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Forum dedicated to zombies server mayhem!
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Teach a friend how to do something!
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By FirmanSahita Sep 15, 14
Official forum for discussion about MelonCraft's League
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By BioSmasher a Sep 3, 14
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Question? Post here.
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By TreeDB a Oct 11, 14
Use this forum to transfer your current account status to a new account. You MUST own the account.
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By Jackie171 a 24 hours ago
Have a great idea to add to server? Post here!
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Forum for all things non-minecraft
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By killax10 13 hours ago
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Mon at 8:19
Mon at 8:19
can i transfer account?????
Mon at 8:21
Tue at 3:28
yea just make a thread in the "account transfer" forum and wait for an administrator to transfer your account.
Tue at 3:29
and keep in mind that I don't usually check this chat in here, so if you want help ASAP post on the home page or msg me privately
Tue at 12:01
glenbo you still there :sick:
Tue at 12:01
I totally ignored the message...
Tue at 12:04
I'm so bored :(
Tue at 12:05
I g2g, my grandpa's getting surgery so I gotta sit in a waiting room for 2 hours
Tue at 12:05
then go to a ortho appointment D:
Tue at 12:07
Tue at 12:30
Hi Guys
Tue at 12:30
HI guys
Tue at 14:55
guys. can anyone tell me what to type to join or invite someone to a TEAM in ZOMBIE SURVIVAL SERVER? :sick: thanks in adv
Tue at 16:20
jerome theres no command to join a team
Tue at 16:20
you just have to say "ally?" and if they say "yes" then u have a semi-alliance team XD
Wed at 0:03
Wed at 2:51
o.o but then there are people who types a command and then the chatbox shows '(user) invites me to a team. type /team to join'
Wed at 2:52
but when i type /team it says unknown command
14 hours ago
jerome its kinda a bug I think
14 hours ago
any staff on :-:
13 hours ago
hi mans
13 hours ago
hi guys
13 hours ago
9 hours ago
9 hours ago
i did not join with the correct host key?
9 hours ago
i'm not hosting anything?
8 hours ago
7 hours ago
3 hours ago
You do not have access to chat...
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