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1. Click edit server and update server address

LucazDaKing   created a new thread I'll be coming back. in the General Discussion forum
LucazDaKingThis will happen in the USA legit! x) Nah just kidding, just an interesting clip I found from a game.
Homefront Introduction
I thought this intro was very interesting so I decided to sh...
Serperior_snivyFine, if you guys will not trust me in saying I did not x-ray, then I might as well leave this shit-hole
LucazDaKing   k
Mr_Piffles_IV   If you think this is such a terrible server then leave, go on. Not sure why your pondering it just leave.
not_brandonHow's everyone? What's new? I've been very busy lately, and am unable to come online a lot of the time. Hope to see you all soon!
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Jackie171   Hi! :3
ThisIsHero and tesgax joined MelonCraft
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ppanzerSad things i need to share with you
Dad finally got a job ! Why did i say its a sad ?
When he works (puts security cams and etc.) if he is outside, (its cold) he has to stay at a pose (hands up) and he gets tired and starts sweating. Gets sick and his back hurt.
Its a decent job ... I guess ...
Today i told him he should stay home but he said "money do not grow on trees"
Felt sad for him ...
Hope you can understand why i cant come on the server that often ... I need to help dad with his job.

U guys r epic ! (typos again im sorry m8ts)
Nico_289   Theres no problem. Even, ur dad will be more happy with u.
FratmospHereHope things are well with you guys.
Cheers :sick:
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ppanzer   Thanks ! Hope everything is ok with you too !
KingSpartan   Everything's alright! :sick:
_Volavo_i didnt hack ;( yes i have 5 stacks of diamond i buy those and mined and the beacons i buy those too u guys even ban my counsin mikk96 Ozias_ are u sad becuz u left your faction with my friends just tell me i can join u back u know do u know why i left the faction i left the faction becuz theres nothing to do and its boring all i do in your faction is running and only chatting when i was in the KINGgames faction we always find some mine shacks and i some people who sells chesp diamond and the leader of KINGgames was hacked and KINGgames got disband i think this is my last post im quiting this server becuz u guys are accusing me of hacking and u guys keep blaming me for duplicating too im tired of that now its time to continue with my life i wont play computer anymore this is my last post guys......


PS:Ozias_ and Glenbo u guys are the best mods in the server for me and Glenbo tnx for the times that u help me and Ozias_ tnx for the happinesu gave me when u peromoted me to officer that day was my best day ever oh and TreeDB u are the funniest ADMIN ever and u rock....
glenbo246   Congratulations! You earned another warning point!
ppanzer   Dang man ... Evn i dun have 2 warning points ... Lol gg
Mr_Piffles_IV   Wow griefing and hacking your on a roll
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