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We have switched IP!

The NEW IP is:

The Old IP ( WILL NOT work!

What YOU need to do:

1. Under Multiplayer, click "add server"
2. In name, type "MelonCraft" (not necessary)
3. Under Server Address, type ""


1. Click edit server and update server address

Bruno_CraftingCongratualations to killax10 on Chatmod! He really deserved that!
killax10   Thanks!
HomdreN   created a new thread Account Problem (i forgot my password) in the Help - Q&A forum
killax10I have 24 notications in under 12 hours, 1. new record, 2. wondering what they all are 0_o
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XCeleronZERO   Huh. Weak. 34 notifications from carro's posts in under a hour. Ya think you got lots?
OpToCo   [link]

nah not only this, but even my mail get spammed.
killax10   I'm aware, my mails raelly spammed XD (on all servers)
XCeleronZEROI hardly think there is someone that is on all the time with his phone.
When i turn on my phone, i go to this website.
When i turn on my pc, same thing.
And the tab stays on. I feel like a security camera :sick: that is helpless, unless a staff is on, so he can do whatever.
Someone spam the homepage, ill tell em'.
Just tellin you usless info, that will not help you in life, or make it better in any way.
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Arcanis33Killax10 the chatmod deserves a long time
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killax10   Thanks :sick:
KingSpartanIts SHOCKING!,How could a non-donated man who actually never donated to the server(check the donation list)who has 75$ donator perms,can be CHATMOD!!!.Its a bad decision made by the owners.I suggest them to make sure they make the decision after they read my text.
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Nico_289   Ikr Blue! Some of the staff never donated and what for? Being staff doesnt mean you donated and in a way buyed the rank.
killax10   Found the transfer thread: [link] that's the $75 one, I think the $10 was transferred ingame so there was no thread.
OpToCo   It doesnt matter if you're a Donator or not, if you deserve it, you get it. I wasn't a donator when i got mod..
DaKay12Jesus can walk on water and Ice is 100% Water therefore I can walk on ice so I'm 100% Jesus xD LOL RESPECT ME!!
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XCeleronZERO   #AtheistMe
killax10   DaKay, please don't bring religion into the forums/ingame.
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