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We have switched IP!

The NEW IP is:

The Old IP ( WILL NOT work!

What YOU need to do:

1. Under Multiplayer, click "add server"
2. In name, type "MelonCraft" (not necessary)
3. Under Server Address, type ""


1. Click edit server and update server address

XCeleronZEROI have a few new Videos, I do hope you enjoy them!
Zmaster_1998Can I ask a favor of everyone can you all go to this [link] and vote fore direwolf for me I need to win :p
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Rilene   Voted.

Cheater detected.
SaucyShot2487My Minecraft keeps saying "Already Playing.." when I press the Play button. Can you guys please help? I will be very thankful.
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Rilene   Try go to task manager, go to Background Process (not sure with the name) and find javaw.exe and stop it, all of it.
It should close Minecraft as if it is Java based but becareful, it also forcefully close anything else that is Java based too.
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PlayingDude   created a new thread We need servers eh? in the General Non-Minecraft Discussion forum
mega45 and IM BACK! registered to MelonCraft
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IM BACK!   created a new thread Grabbed a doco! in the General Discussion forum
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