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We have switched IP!

The NEW IP is:

The Old IP ( WILL NOT work!

What YOU need to do:

1. Under Multiplayer, click "add server"
2. In name, type "MelonCraft" (not necessary)
3. Under Server Address, type ""


1. Click edit server and update server address

Wollyy_Someone can tell me what is this on my chat ?
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Wollyy_   I don't remember what is AWE
Ozias_   It's some WorldEdit thing.
TreeDB   AsyncWorldEdit allows you to make big WorldEdits without crashing or lagging the server.
ImZertex   created a new thread I lost my rank in the General Discussion forum
JustZigPlease Help me out. Subscribe, Like, Share, And if you want Comment! :sick:
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Blue_Phoenix2104   what software is this senpai :3
JustZig   Gimp... The Poor's Photoshop
Golden_FreddySorry to say, and a reason i told Tas, i most likely will retire after i finish the MelonCity Town hall.
I've tried before, but you know ... that was before.
not a retirement .. more like i'll leave.
I mean leave as in not in forums or anything.
Like actual leave. I wont even have time to play MC anymore. Or go on skype.
Not that i'm busy with school or anything. I'll have to help with some things.
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JustZig   Farwell My friend.
NanoViper   good bye :c
spartacus406 , diyoz2166 , Kronos1 and RumbleCrumble joined MelonCraft
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Nico_289   Welcome!
Blue_Phoenix2104   so many people baby!, welcome
elramiro97   welcome
danicraft203   created a new thread Copying things in the Help - Q&A forum
dave and iTheJoeTuber joined MelonCraft
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Flog22   dave join?
maybe its iTz_Daveee ?
killax10   Flog Itz_Daveee donated so he should have a account already.
killax10   Anyways Welcome!
JustZig   A potato flew around my room before you came, escuse the mess I made...
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