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What YOU need to do:

1. Under Multiplayer, click "add server"
2. In name, type "MelonCraft" (not necessary)
3. Under Server Address, type ""


1. Click edit server and update server address

The ChallengerI've failed.
The Challenger   But I don't have another chance now, I failed the test.
Jackie171   You have the potential to earn chances, my friend.
The Challenger   Hope that chance comes soon :sick:
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BlockEnemiePlease guys, transate BlockEnemie's account to Jordigarro, please <3
TheGamePlayerM   You mean transfer?
LucazDaKing   Have you posted a account transfer request on the forums?
zigui98So my Internet was down... I decided to go outside it looked nice i would say 5000 by 5000 full 3D but there was a weird mob that looked like a spider but with only 4 legs and could fly...
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killax10   Maybe a drone? some sort of modded version? also have you considered the possibility of your data be hacked and replaced with a virus? such and the grasshopper virus or something else?
ProWarriors and FrostyBorn joined MelonCraft
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TheGamePlayerM   Welcome! :sick:
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TetraNinja   joined MelonCraft
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killax10   Welcome!
not_brandono god... Just wrote out my story on Pistolsteven's thread, and boy is it a long one. If you're looking for a novel, read that instead. xD
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XCeleronZERO   If i put on details of my stirry, it'd be long 15 books.
AFatTick   If I were to pit my details, it would be the milestones thread :sick:
not_brandon   I could of made it way longer, I was just running out of time. xD
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